Summer Classics Rustic
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Summer Classics Rustic

Care and Maintenance Outdoor Furniture_Kingsley Bate AmalfiCare for your outdoor furniture and it will provide you with long-lasting years of use. In addition, maintaining your outdoor furniture to a reasonable level is a responsibility that a manufacturer expects in return for their warranty coverage. Failure to show reasonable care often negates a warranty, as does signs of obvious abuse. Check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations before performing any maintenance. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines so as not to negate any warranties provided.

1 For All Cleaner Feron FormulaCleaning your outdoor furniture may be as simple as washing with a mild soap and water solution. For tougher cleaning issues, products which have been specially formulated to clean and protect outdoor furniture without using harmful or toxic chemicals are typically available at your local outdoor furniture store. One good quality, non-toxic, specialty cleaning product that can make your cleaning job a snap is the Feron formula 1-For-All Cleaner. You may also use the Feron formula 1-For-All Gard, a cleaner and protectant. Created for the outdoor furniture industry, Feron formula cleaning products are recommended by most manufacturers for use on their outdoor furniture.

Strong cleaners, such as bleach, may seem like a good idea at first, but besides breathing in their hazardous fumes, over time and interaction with the sun’s UV rays, harsh cleaners can take their toll on your furniture and can cause irritation to the to the skin if not well rinsed.

Care and Maintenance Outdoor Furniture_SummerClassicsOnce you have cleaned the furniture, take a close look at the frames to make sure that all nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware is in place and in good condition. Check the bottom of the legs for the protective feet. It is important to maintain these feet in order to protect both your furniture frames and the patio or deck on which it sits.

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Protective Covers

Protective Covers for Outdoor Furniture and Patio FurnitureProtective covers should be purchased if you want to minimize cleaning as well as wear and tear over the years. The use of protective covers will help keep your outdoor cushions dry when not in use. In addition, covers will reduce cleaning as they help keep dirt, leaves and animals from soiling the cushion. Before putting any protective covers away (or cushions, pillows, fabric, umbrellas, etc.) you must make sure that they are dry or you will find that mildew has found a home.

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