All I Want for Christmas

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My Christmas wish list this year is very simple in terms of quantity yet very difficult in terms of being fulfilled. But, here goes…

My one teeny, weeny desire this year is for peace and harmony, understanding, and compatibility. I would like to experience, once again, the carefree world that I used to inhabit where going to a movie, a mall, a house of worship, attending a party, driving along the road, taking a walk, flying in an airplane, sitting in a restaurant, or traveling to a big city or foreign country didn’t make me think about the possibility of horrific consequences should I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and at the mercy of a crazed person on a self-indulgent mission.

Wow, right? I know most of you would join me in giving up every other Christmas gift if this one could be realized.

And so, here, also, is my New Year’s resolution…

In this time when the news comes at us so fast and furious, it is important to keep an open mind and heart before passing judgement. Although it seems that many in the media, and some politicians, try to stir up the pot in ways that are neither responsible nor wise, I refuse to incriminate all people into what should be one small group of people. I resolve to get the facts, be kind, be helpful, be aware, and be responsible. Only then can we take aim at those who are trying to alter our way of life and be sure that we have clarity and focus in our methods of keeping our world a safe place.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and send my sincerest wishes for a stellar 2016!

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