• Magnolia Candle from MDW is an ever-popular scent which evokes graceful days gone by.  Providing a familiar floral scent, Magnolia perks up any room with a fresh and sweet floral scent without being heavy. Each package is so attractively designed that you will want to keep the box for storing treasures.

  • Peony Small Decoupage Wooden Tray from MDW is lush and elegant, and displays a dazzling show of color. The peony symbolizes romance and good fortune, generous gifts to bestow on anyone. The small diminutive size of Peony Small Decoupage Tray is perfect for a bathroom vanity but far too pretty to hide where it will not be seen.

  • Into the Woods Candle from MDW features designs that are natural and organic with soft colors and a soft scent to match.  Quiet and relaxing, Into the Woods is a successful blend of apple, pineapple, and magnolia with leafy greens.

  • Honey Almond Candle from MDW is one of our most popular scents. Classic black and white feathers adorn the lush packaging and deserve equal attention as the homey and comforting scent of honey and and almonds blended into one luscious candle.

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    Botanical Garden Candle from MDW features a chalkboard background decorated with bright colors  in an up-beat version of a traditional design. Sweet jasmine mingles with botanicals for a traditional scent that is fresh and not too heavy. The delightful box will become a favorite hiding place for your treasures.

  • Magnolia Large Decoupage Tray from MDW features the saucer magnolia with a deep bordeaux colored band around the edge, cut-out handles and a top edged with shimmering gold paint. White blooms, rose-colored buds, and green leaves dance lively on the surface. Functional and exquisite in appearance, Magnolia Large Decoupage Tray will become your favorite for any occasion.

  • Peony Candle from MDW is lush and elegant and a favorite flower which recalls the nostalgia of  grandmother’s garden. The peony symbolizes romance and good fortune a fine combination to bestow on any recipient.  Featuring pink accents on the detailed packaging, Peony will make any woman feel feminine.