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No hostess in the early to mid 20th Century would have been without a cart from which to serve social beverages. Often referred to as a tea cart (before cocktail hour), a bar cart (cocktail hour and beyond), or, more generally, as a serving, or even beverage, cart, this little table on wheels allowed the [Continue Reading]

Tiny Outdoor Living

Maximizing the minimum–welcome to small space outdoor living. Currently, we are experiencing a trend toward living in smaller houses, whether attached, as in a condo or town home, or in small clusters of narrow to zero lot line communities. You may find yourself in a place where downsizing is your goal, or you may, like [Continue Reading]

Fall is here. The days are cooling slightly and the evenings have turned to sweater weather. You would think that those summer pots would be loving this weather, too, but many of our summertime pots are looking a little past prime and in need of some refreshing. Without dumping everything, you can spruce them up [Continue Reading]

  You may have heard a design professional refer to “layering” and wondered what they were talking about. Think, for a moment, about the key to staying warm outside on a cold day, or to remaining comfortable on a day that begins chilly but ends warm. A sweater, scarf, hat, or jacket provide warm layers [Continue Reading]

Tents= Summertime Fun

We are at the midpoint of summer, with half of the season behind us and half of it ahead of us. Ugh—really? It’s August. Shouldn’t summer be nearly over? Don’t get me wrong, I really do like summer. Or, perhaps, what I like better is summertime. I look forward to summertime: outdoor living, vacations, long [Continue Reading]

Summer Decorating with Rope

Summer decorating style is often associated with waterside retreats: the lake, the river, or the beach. And one thing that seems to be found in each of those places is rope. Rope from which to hang a swing or hammock; rope by which to pull a boat; rope in which to catch a fish. Rope [Continue Reading]

Island Style

For many, the idea of a vacation conjures images of palm trees, sand, and plenty of sunshine. An island in the middle of a deep blue sea is the dream destination for many landlocked and reality-bound people who spend most of the year waiting for their two weeks of idyllic bliss. What can you do [Continue Reading]

Pampering Pavilions

Providing shade in the outdoor room can take many forms—from the shade that Mother Nature provides from the tree canopy above to a single portable umbrella to a structure constructed with a roof. In between lie a number of good options, including a fabric draped pavilion. Constructed of an aluminum frame, the skeleton typically consists [Continue Reading]

The arrival of spring (this Sunday in the northern hemisphere) means sprucing up your outdoor living room.  Cleaning is certainly on the to-do list (no fun) but adding something new to the mix (fun) should also be on that list. Throw pillows are one of the easiest and most cost effective accessories that can be [Continue Reading]

Dreaming of a New Front Door

I love doors! Those posters, The doors of wherever: Ireland, France, New York City—they have always caught my eye and held my attention. Is it simply the beauty of the door, or am I captivated by what lies beyond? Certainly something wonderful must lie on the other side of those beautifully photographed doors! Just when [Continue Reading]