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Weekend temps are predicted to reach 70 degrees which puts me in the mood to begin the 2011 season of outdoor living. Grilling something delicious is on the agenda, as is sitting down and enjoying the warm sunshine for a little while.  Today, then, officially begins my weekend blog, OUTDOOLICIOUS! Weekends.  The plan is to [Continue Reading]

Valentine’s Day brings certain images to mind—hearts and cupids of course, but also the color red.  Strong, intense, emotional, fiery, hot red, is the color of the heart.  While I can honestly say that I love all colors (it’s only certain shades and color combinations that may make me cringe a bit), there is a [Continue Reading]

Feb. 2 is celebrated in the US and Canada as Groundhog Day.  A tradition based on folkloric beliefs that an animal will emerge from its home and, based upon weather conditions, will forecast an early spring or continuing winter weather.  Olden days in Europe had its badgers and bears.  We have the groundhog, the most [Continue Reading]

Take Back Your Time!

It’s Take Back Your Time Week. Never heard of it?  Neither had I.  Having done some research, however, I realize that this may be just what the doctor has ordered for many of us.  Take Back Your Time is an initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over scheduling, and time famine that threatens our [Continue Reading]

Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Photo The Porch & Atelier Decorating your home on the outside has, in the past, meant putting up a wreath or two, stringing some lights in a tree and, for some, adding holiday yard art (often of questionable tastefulness). Great, but what about that outdoor room? So, it’s cold outside. Light the fire, grab a [Continue Reading]

With warm, sunny days, low humidity and a beautiful palette of warm and rich fall colors, I can never resist taking Thanksgiving dinner outside. It is such a treat to celebrate this special feast outside just the way it was originally celebrated. We, in the south, are very fortunate to have a mild climate that [Continue Reading]

Christmas On Forest Open House

The holiday season has officially begun at Casual Living. Two open houses (Thursday evening and Saturday) to present our 2010 holiday decor were well attended despite the rain on Thursday and USC’s Homecoming on Saturday. It was great to see all of you who attended – thank you for making both events a great success [Continue Reading]

Halloween Trick or Treats

Halloween is definitely OUTDOORLICIOUS! It’s the one holiday that is all about being a kid (again–still?) and having fun and most of it takes place outside. Think of all the things you can do in the name of Halloween that are looked on with raised eyebrows the rest of the year. Pile bags and bags [Continue Reading]

Warm, sunny days and cool evenings are perfect for outdoor living. Pool weather may have ended for this year, but there is still lots of time to enjoy life outside. This time of year a heat source is a great addition to your outdoor room, both for warmth and ambience. Whether incorporating a permanent fireplace [Continue Reading]

Holly Jolly Time of Year

That holly, jolly time of year has arrived at Casual Living. We have started decorating our trees for the opening of our Christmas shop, Christmas on Forest. I wish I could say that the little elves come in at night and each morning when we arrive, another tree is done. Alas, that is not how [Continue Reading]