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Beach Style

Beach style is casual and must be non-fussy in order to fulfill the premiere caveat of life at the beach, which is to relax.  What’s the fun of having a beach side retreat and having to worry about dirty feet, wet clothes, and sand adversely affecting your furniture and floors? If the house is a [Continue Reading]

Garden Stools

  Used for centuries in China, the garden stool design began as a small outdoor seat used in courtyard gardens which were a central part of Chinese homes. The design may possibly date back to the Buddhist tradition of using a tree stump as seating in the garden. Another possibility is that the garden stool [Continue Reading]

Yipes, Stripes

Stripes are a timeless favorite in both fashion and home decorating. A stripe is easy to incorporate into nearly any décor style. With varying widths available, it is easy to move across the lines from traditional to contemporary: wide, bold stripes suggest a contemporary décor (or, at least a non-fussy style) while a narrower stripe [Continue Reading]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…Once upon a time, mirrors were expensive and hard to come by. Many homes had no mirrors and people didn’t think about checking themselves out in the “looking glass”. They were hard-working people with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude and owning a mirror seemed frivolous and unnecessary. Today, mirrors are found in nearly [Continue Reading]

Pots in the Outdoor Room

  Gazing on a beautiful landscape or terrific view while enjoying the patio, porch, or deck is often all one needs to feel calm and rested. No need for interaction with anyone or the distraction of anything, quietly sitting and appreciating the nature surrounding the outdoor room is enough. Want a quick way to add [Continue Reading]

Pretty Pastels

  Early spring is the season we emerge from winter’s drabness and step into the world of color. As the sun moves higher overhead, more vibrant colors will begin to be more appealing as the sun’s rays will become stronger and ultimately, with the high position of the summer sun, wash out anything that is [Continue Reading]

Add Color To Your Outdoor Room

  Are you more of a beige-type person or do you like lots of color surrounding you? While I love them both, I do find that adding at least a little color to an otherwise neutral outdoor room makes me feel more alive. Fortunately, in the outdoor landscape, color is everywhere so it’s not difficult [Continue Reading]

Happy birthday, Brown Jordan! Celebrating 70 years this year, Brown Jordan was an early pioneer in the emerging outdoor furniture industry that was developing in the mid twentieth century.  Founded in Pasadena, California in 1945 by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan, Brown Jordan has exemplified innovation, style, and luxury from the beginning. Quality of raw [Continue Reading]

  Do you have a house full of kids, a collection of pets, or simply desire easy care furnishings inside your home? Then, selecting outdoor furniture to use inside may be for you. There is absolutely no reason that you cannot use outdoor furniture inside if you like. So what if the frame is metal [Continue Reading]

Mid-Century Modern Goes Outside

What’s old is new again. Old as in about sixty-five years, give or take a few years. That puts us at about 1950, smack dab in the middle of the twentieth century. Personally, I am very fond of this era. The war had ended, America’s economy was experiencing rapid growth, and families like mine were [Continue Reading]