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December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

All I Want for Christmas

My Christmas wish list this year is very simple in terms of quantity yet very difficult in terms of being fulfilled. But, here goes… My one teeny, weeny desire this year is for peace and harmony, understanding, and compatibility. I would like to experience, once again, the carefree world that I used to inhabit where [Continue Reading]

Outdoor Holiday Decor

Don’t forget to decorate outside for the holidays! Adding lights and greens to your home or landscape is cheerful and makes everyone happy. The Front Entry:  If you don’t decorate any other outdoor area, make sure that your front entrance says Merry Christmas.  The front entry is the statement area outside your home and welcomes [Continue Reading]

It’s all about the front entry when it comes to Halloween. Make it scary, spooky, or frightening–you know, welcoming! (Just don’t leave them up too long.) Happy Halloween!  

A Memorable 4th of July Menu

This week, everyone’s mind is on Saturday’s 4th of July celebrations. Our national holiday, the 4th of July, or more properly referred to as Independence Day, features a color scheme of red, white, and blue for everything from attire to house decorations and table settings to food. Nearly everyone attends a party or picnic where [Continue Reading]

Atlanta Market

I just returned from a week spent shopping the Atlanta market for holiday and everyday spring merchandise for the upcoming 2015 seasons. Always a fun trip for me, I have the opportunity to visit friends, catch up with vendors that I see only a few times each year, shop this over-the-top market which features every [Continue Reading]

New Year’s Resolutions

Wednesday evening, we will be celebrating the end of 2014 and welcoming in a new year. Each year, we hope that the incoming year will be better: things will be different; we will become the people we want to be; dreams will come true; changes will be made. Many of us will wish for the [Continue Reading]

All I Want for Christmas…

  I’ve been thinking about what Outdoorlicious! Christmas gift I would like to receive this year. There are so many things I would like to do and places I would like to visit that it is always difficult to choose just one. At the top of my list, however, is to experience the Aurora Borealis, [Continue Reading]

Outdoorlicious Holiday Decor

As I drive home from work each evening, I find that it takes me a little longer to get home this time of year. Swiveling my head from side to side, I drive more slowly or take a longer route in order to take in each home’s outdoorlicious holiday décor. Captivating lights, both white and [Continue Reading]

In my mind’s eye, I picture the first Thanksgiving being held outside with native Americans and recent English immigrants (dressed like Pilgrims) milling around outside on a beautiful, sunny day, with autumn leaves blazing in all their glorious color in the bright sunshine. But, let’s think a moment. Although an exact date for the first [Continue Reading]