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Fall is here. The days are cooling slightly and the evenings have turned to sweater weather. You would think that those summer pots would be loving this weather, too, but many of our summertime pots are looking a little past prime and in need of some refreshing. Without dumping everything, you can spruce them up [Continue Reading]

It’s Spring! Or is it?

The calendar tells us that it is spring. And not just spring but one month into spring. So, why do I keep thinking that spring is right around the corner and that this is really just the third month of the year? The trees have leafed out; the dogwoods, daffodils, and tulips are long past [Continue Reading]

The temperature may be on the chilly side and the calendar tells us that we are in the middle of winter but that is no reason to let your thoughts of outdoor living lie dormant. Though most of the plants in the yard may be hibernating, it is exactly the right time to be making [Continue Reading]

Pergola: From Latin meaning projecting eve. The first known use of the word pergola in the English language was in 1654 but in Italy and France, this garden structure was quite popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. By the 18th and early 19th centuries, the concept fell out of favor as a more naturalistic style [Continue Reading]

Pool Season Has Arrived

What makes a great pool? Size? Shape? Amenities? Location? Landscape? Color? Each of us responds to different elements of a design and what I categorize as awesome may leave another cold. To some, a giant slide,  diving board, and a built in bar would make the pool of their dreams. To others, a swimming hole [Continue Reading]

Pots in the Outdoor Room

  Gazing on a beautiful landscape or terrific view while enjoying the patio, porch, or deck is often all one needs to feel calm and rested. No need for interaction with anyone or the distraction of anything, quietly sitting and appreciating the nature surrounding the outdoor room is enough. Want a quick way to add [Continue Reading]

You don’t have to have a large yard to have a big garden. Rather than going out, have you ever considered going up? Even in the tiniest of spaces, vertical gardening allows you to surround yourself with plants. And, one of the best things about vertical gardening is that the plants do double duty as [Continue Reading]

Most people don’t even know their yard is harmful to the environment as well as the wildlife that depends on it. It’s hard to recognize a bully, especially if that bully is a beautiful, lovingly groomed garden or yard brought into existence by your skillful green thumb. A garden can look green and still have [Continue Reading]

Going Green

Just because you enjoy outdoor living doesn’t necessarily mean that you are interested in going green in your habits. However, I would bet that a good many outdoor living enthusiasts do have concerns about the environment and the future of our planet. I would also make a wager that a substantial number of people who [Continue Reading]

Dreaming of a Springtime Garden

It is never too early to begin planning your garden for the season. As soon as the rush of the holidays is over and the dust has begun to settle on the new year, I like to sit down with the garden catalogs that have been accumulating and start dreaming of my own flower-filled patch [Continue Reading]