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In the world of furniture design, it is easy to create a piece based on an existing design. Classics such as cabriole legs, shield backs, and spade feet may be reinterpreted and creatively re-imagined, but they remain a classic design that was born in someone else’s mind long before the new incarnation. It’s a bit more [Continue Reading]

The temperature may be on the chilly side and the calendar tells us that we are in the middle of winter but that is no reason to let your thoughts of outdoor living lie dormant. Though most of the plants in the yard may be hibernating, it is exactly the right time to be making [Continue Reading]

The Serving Cart

Hosting an event at your home in the fall means that you will be entertaining outside. With beautiful weather, everyone is eager to spend as much time outside before the cold arrives. And then, there’s college football. Televisions included in outdoor rooms and fans eager to watch every minute of their team’s season, means at-home [Continue Reading]

Chaise Longue…That’s the way the French say it. Literally, it means long chair. We took the chaise part and changed the longue into lounge and voilà! English speakers call this comfy piece of furniture upon which we recline with our feet propped up, a chaise lounge. I wonder if the French “longue” was simply misspelled as [Continue Reading]

Garden Stools

  Used for centuries in China, the garden stool design began as a small outdoor seat used in courtyard gardens which were a central part of Chinese homes. The design may possibly date back to the Buddhist tradition of using a tree stump as seating in the garden. Another possibility is that the garden stool [Continue Reading]

In the past, people used natural wicker outside but experts now tell us to use synthetic wicker outside and leave the natural wicker indoors. Why? What’s the difference between natural wicker and “all-weather” wicker?   Natural wicker is harvested from plant material. Most wicker that we are familiar with comes from a vine although other [Continue Reading]

Yipes, Stripes

Stripes are a timeless favorite in both fashion and home decorating. A stripe is easy to incorporate into nearly any décor style. With varying widths available, it is easy to move across the lines from traditional to contemporary: wide, bold stripes suggest a contemporary décor (or, at least a non-fussy style) while a narrower stripe [Continue Reading]

The Adirondack Chair

  Everyone has heard of the  Adirondack chair even if many people have difficulty pronouncing it. Named for the Adirondack Mountains of New York, the chair was originally called the Westport Chair. Designed in 1903 by Thomas Lee in Westport, New York, Thomas needed sturdy outdoor furniture that would be suitable for his Adirondack Mountain [Continue Reading]

Happy birthday, Brown Jordan! Celebrating 70 years this year, Brown Jordan was an early pioneer in the emerging outdoor furniture industry that was developing in the mid twentieth century.  Founded in Pasadena, California in 1945 by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan, Brown Jordan has exemplified innovation, style, and luxury from the beginning. Quality of raw [Continue Reading]

We Love Eating Outside

Today’s topic is taken from the pages of Furniture Today, a trade publication that is read by nearly everyone in the furniture industry. The title says it all but it doesn’t say anything new to those of us in the casual, aka outdoor, furniture industry. Furniture Today, with sister publication Casual Living, conducted a survey [Continue Reading]