Don’t Throw Your Sling Furniture Away! Get New Slings.

Sling outdoor furniture was created to provide comfortable seating on outdoor furniture without having removable cushions. While cushions provide the most comfort, they also produce additional care which many homeowners would rather avoid. Unlike cushions, slings will not retain water or take much time to dry. Being an integral part of the furniture frame, there is nothing to remove or store separately.
 Slings are designed to be replaced when they wear out which is typically before the frames. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and retailers do not make or sell the replacement slings. Or, for some other reason, it may not be possible to order replacement slings through the retailer from which you purchased your furniture. But, don’t despair. Custom made slings are available and we can help you with that.
 Without knowing what brand and style of outdoor furniture you have, it is necessary for us to have exact dimensions (width and length) of your slings. With that, we can order new ones for your furniture. Simply select your fabric and your new slings can be made.
 At Casual Living, we offer an installation service which includes cleaning and sprucing up your furniture. We’ll replace feet and rail end caps and wash and buff metal frames. Most of our customers react with astonishment that their old furniture looks brand new.
 If you are looking for new slings for your old patio furniture, take a look at these fabrics and contact us for additional information, including pricing on both slings and installation.