Enter the World of the Super Yacht

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There are many things that separate the lives of most of us from those of the rich and famous. And then there is something that separates the lives of the rich and famous from those of the super-rich: the super yacht.

super yacht,outdoor living,leisure living,outdoor furniture,patio furniture

super yachts,outdoor living,outdoor furniture,leisure living

Very expensive, privately owned, and professionally-crewed, the super yacht is the classification given to those yachts from about 120’ to 200’. Above 200’, they are called mega-yachts and above 300’, they have been referred to as giga-yachts.

super yacht,outdoor living,leisure living

super yacht,outdoor living,leisure living

Life aboard a super yacht is full of fun, pampering, and outdoor living. Fun in the sun is a big reason to be on a yacht and swimming pools, Jacuzzis, outdoor lounges, dining areas, and sun decks are popular. Additionally, a supply of toys helps keep guests entertained: sailing and speed boats, diving and wind surfing equipment, personal watercraft, and, occasionally, helicopters and mini submarines.

azzam super yacht,outdoor living,leisure livingThe largest yacht is the Azzam, owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, emir of Abu Dhabi and the president of the UAE. Most of the world’s largest yachts are owned by Europeans and Middle Easterners. In fact, the only American-owned yacht in the top twenty is the Rising Sun, owned by Hollywood producer David Geffen.

super yacht,outdoor living,leisure living

Before you get too excited about saving your money to buy your own super yacht, consider the hassle of security. On board theft is rampant. Is it the guests? The crew? Who knows? But things go missing—especially jewelry—with frequency. Then there is the threat of a terrorist attack. Today’s super yachts are being outfitted with precautionary systems such as anti-aircraft weapons, rocket launchers, radar geo-fences, and lethal pepper guns.

super yacht,outdoor living,leisure living

If all of this seems too much to worry about, just find yourself a wealthy friend and hope to be invited on board. Let them keep the headaches while you enjoy the pool.

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