Hurricane Preparation for Your Home

Hurricane Preparation for Your Home

Peak hurricane season has arrived and with it, a bevy of storms from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Right now, most of the East Coast is preparing for Hurricane Florence, a storm that promises to be possibly the biggest we have ever seen in North and South Carolina. Clearly, Flo is not a storm to take lightly.  South Carolinians are still recovering from the 1000 Year Flood three years ago and there is tension, stress, and fear that the memory will no longer be just a bad memory but a second act that we could all do without.

Needless to say, the memory of that storm (though not a direct hurricane hit) is too close to the top of our collective memories and the pain and suffering of thousands of people who lost so much still hurts. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is in command and, other than prepare, there is nothing that mere humans can do to stop it.

Endless reporting and 24/7 access to coverage on the device of your choice leaves no room for claiming ignorance about Flo’s whereabouts or ignoring the admonitions of skilled weather experts to be prepared and evacuate if told to. So be prepared to go if, and when, necessary.

Part of your preparations will include addressing the outdoor areas of your home: windows, gutters, trees, and shutters certainly, but don’t forget to put away or secure outdoor furniture, as well. Bring cushions, rugs, throw pillows, and small accessories in. Tie down any furniture that cannot be stored in a building. Take your umbrella down and store it. Not only do you want to preserve them for the next nice weekend that we have, but you do not want them to become flying projectiles that could injure anyone in their path (or have them break through a window causing additional angst and problems).

And remember your pets. Please bring them inside and understand their fear and stress.

Good luck to all!