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Pigro Felice

Time spent relaxing outside should evoke thoughts of laziness and, having spent those lazy hours doing little more than nothing, one should experience a feeling of happiness. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the name Pigro Felice was chosen as the name for a line of pool furniture. In Italian, pigro felice means lazy and happy.

outdoor furniture,leisure furniture,pool furniture,casual living,outdoor living,inflatable outdoor furniture
Pigro Felice

Trendy, stylish and innovative describe the Pigro Felice line of inflatable, modular outdoor furniture which does double duty as both patio furniture and pool (as in, in-the-pool) furniture. Used separately, the furniture pieces are lounging furniture such as sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Linked together, it is possible to create a floating island in the pool where the whole gang can hang out.

outdoor furniture,patio furniture,casual living,leisure living,outdoor living
Pigro Felice

Pigro Felice uses a team of designers and engineers to create products which are crafted using sustainable, environmentally-aware engineering. Constructed of leakproof PVC, this inflatable outdoor furniture is phatalate-free, non-carcinogenic, and will not cause health issues to those exposed to its surface or from typical plastic odors (there are none).

pool furniture,outdoor furniture,leisure living,casual living,inflatable outdoor furniture
Pigro Felice

Available in a variety of colors, each inflatable piece comes in a bag with its own pump for inflating and deflating. At the end of the season, simply deflate and store in the bag. Simple, easy, and fun.

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