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We are at the midpoint of summer, with half of the season behind us and half of it ahead of us. Ugh—really? It’s August. Shouldn’t summer be nearly over? Don’t get me wrong, I really do like summer. Or, perhaps, what I like better is summertime. I look forward to summertime: outdoor living, vacations, long evenings of daylight, fireflies (or lightening bugs, depending on where you grew up), ceiling fans on porches, sleeping porches, afternoon showers, cold fruity drinks full of ice cubes, citrus anything, fresh fruit, ice cream, lakes, and the beach. But, I do not look forward to the hot temperatures and the sticky humidity that come with the season. And, right now, I have had enough of the heat.

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Stout Tent

Nonetheless, summertime is fun and full of things to do.  The arrival of the vernal equinox provides the perfect weather for activities and escapades: camping, vacations, running through the sprinkler, sitting on the porch and watching an electrical storm, making homemade ice cream, crafty do-it-yourself projects. These are the things that fill summertime days.

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One summertime do-it-yourself project that speaks to me is making a tent or tipi in the backyard. I imagine a colorful and, yes, girly spot, where I can hide myself away and read or have a long conversation with a girlfriend and feel youthful, carefree, and unconcerned about the time passing by and all the things that I should be doing.

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I love that tents are non-permanent outdoor rooms made for the moment. Fashioned from scarves, scraps of fabric sewn together, sheets and bedspreads, or ribbons, these tents can be a fun morning project for a long, lazy afternoon. Of course, they won’t hold up to a rainstorm or weeks of the sun’s intense rays, but for a day of whimsy and youthful delight, I think they are a grand idea!

tent,outdoor living,leisure living


tent,outdoor living,leisure living


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A makeshift tent, or tipi, in your backyard is meant to be whimsical, indulgent, transporting, and fun. Channel that summertime kid inside of you and see what you can create. I can hear the sound of laughter already.outdoorlicious,outdoor living blog,about outdoor living,dottie reynolds, casual living

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