Outdoor Holiday Decor

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Don’t forget to decorate outside for the holidays! Adding lights and greens to your home or landscape is cheerful and makes everyone happy.

The Front Entry: 

If you don’t decorate any other outdoor area, make sure that your front entrance says Merry Christmas.  The front entry is the statement area outside your home and welcomes both those who enter and those who simply pass by. A simple wreath is all that is needed but how much fun to go beyond that and have your hand at creating a seasonal display.

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outdoor holiday decorating,holiday decor
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The Porch:

Take advantage of your home’s outdoor rooms and add holiday décor here and there. A decorated tree is a nice surprise, however, one that is simply lit without decorations will also add a festive atmosphere. Holiday throw pillows, tabletop décor, and seasonal props set the mood and encourage people to grab a blanket and sit outside for a while.

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outdoor holiday decorating,outdoor holiday decor,holiday decor
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Out Buildings:

The pool house, play house, guest house, or garden shed are mini houses which are prime candidates for a little holiday décor.

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Planters, Pots, and Other Containers:

Use existing containers and fill with greens, ribbons, lights, and ornaments to create an eye-catching holiday display.

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outdoor holiday decorating,outdoor decor
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In the Yard:

Finding things in the yard to decorate is easy. From draping lights on a bush or tree to filling a birdbath with fresh greenery or holiday ornaments, use your imagination to find something unique on which to bestow your creativity.

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outdoor holiday decorating,outdoor holiday decor
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Fences and Gates:

Fences and gates are great places to hang and drape décor. Long strings of lights and garlands are the perfect addition to a fence. Repetition creates a strong graphic, as in this swagged garland, red bows, and identical lanterns.

outdoor holiday decor,outdoor holiday decorating,holiday decorating
Belgian Pearls
outdoor holiday decor,holiday decorating
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The Mailbox:

Greenery and ribbons on the mailbox are a beautiful addition to a utilitarian piece of not so attractive equipment. Let them shine during this time of year.


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outdoor holiday decorating, mailbox wreath,mailbox holiday greens
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Whether you style is over-the-top or simple, elegant or rustic, or timeless or the latest fashion, decorating the exterior of your home during the holiday season serves as your Christmas card to the world. Making the statement for joy and good wishes to all, your home reflects your personality and makes a statement about you. Spread the cheer!

Merry Christmas to all…

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