Pampering Pavilions

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Providing shade in the outdoor room can take many forms—from the shade that Mother Nature provides from the tree canopy above to a single portable umbrella to a structure constructed with a roof. In between lie a number of good options, including a fabric draped pavilion.

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Constructed of an aluminum frame, the skeleton typically consists of corner posts, a connecting header, and a series of “rafters” over which to place the outdoor fabric which becomes the protecting shade.

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Once the top canopy has been fitted, complete with a valance to hide the upper framework, optional drapery side panels may be added. Hiding the corner posts, drapery side panels also provide softness and color. Perhaps most importantly, however, they add romance and intrigue, inviting us to enter.

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Full drapery panels which can be closed create a private haven for a nap or massage or, perhaps, a changing room beside the pool.

Some manufacturers offer additional features such as screening or clear plastic panels. Screening is helpful to control unwanted pests from entering. Clear plastic allows for visibility while keeping rain or cooler temperatures out.

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The difference between this and a tent is that the pavilion, while not permanent, is not as portable as a tent. Typically, a pavilion is installed on a hard surface, such as a deck or patio rather than on grass, sand, or dirt. Once installed, unless you live in an area which receives heavy snow in the winter, you may leave it up all year.

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Resorts have embraced the idea of pavilions for their guests and that is one reason why adding one to your patio or deck is so appealing. Who doesn’t want to achieve that resort ambiance in their own backyard?

outdoor living,outdoor decorating,outdoor pavilion,pavilion,tuuci

Outfit your outdoor living room with resort-like amenities and you may decide to stay at home the next time you need a vacation.

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