Lanterns and Torches

  • 5-Sided Candle Holder from Melrose marries the cool tones of steel with thew warmth of brass in a¬†recycled vintage style which is right at home in modern decor. The unusual pentagram shape and detailed simplicity of 5-Sided Candle Holder makes this a truly unique lantern.

  • High Top Lantern from Melrose is graceful and slender with an unusual design that sets it apart from others. Not your ordinary lantern, High Top Lantern always gets noticed.

  • Perfect for tabletop or hanging on a hook (or stake in the ground shepherd’s hook), this petite coach style lantern can be used singly or in multiples. Black matte finish with glass panels and hinged door for interior access. 11.5″ H x 5.5″ square.

  • Sutton Lantern from Melrose is a refreshingly unique lantern style. Taking a common item such as a lantern and giving it a new spin, Sutton Lantern makes a statement in the outdoor room. Use three on a long table for a dramatic effect.

  • Wooden Lantern from Melrose is available in two sizes, provides a combination of organic and man-made in an elegantly rendered farmhouse style. The small is great used singly in a small space or in multiples for impact and the large is a stately piece which commands attention.