• Briarwood Tea Cart from Woodard features the daisy flower pattern that has come to be recognized as synonymous with Woodard. With two shelves for storage or serving and a handle and wheels for easy movement, Briarwood Tea Cart is a welcome addition on the porch or patio.

  • [envira-gallery id="14132"][envira-gallery id="14156"]Mosaic Serving Cart from KNF-Neille Olson is a stunning focal point for a sofa or love seat sized seating arrangement. Hand set mosaics tables are individually created by artisans in the USA. Choice of mosaic and/or tumbled stone top. Choose from quietly elegant colors to vibrantly joyful hues and simply designed patterns to those that are complex masterpieces. May be used inside or out.

  • Portsmouth Party Bar from Seaside Casual looks like wood but never need painting, staining, or sanding. This amazing Envirowood product takes everything Mother Nature can give with as little interaction from you as possible. Perfect for the beach or in a mountain setting where lesser quality materials quickly degrade and require replacing. Not so with Seaside Casual products; they weather year after year with little visual effect. The portable and very useful Portsmouth Party Bar will turn any gathering into an instant success.

  • Tea Cart from Woodard is superbly convenient when entertaining and serves a variety of functions in the outdoor room: bar car, serving cart, dining table overflow, plant cart, and display shelving.  Compact and convenient, this tea cart will become a favored go-to piece for entertaining.