Love Seats

  • seaside_shellback_adirondack_loveseat.jpg

    Adirondack Shellback Love Seat  from Seaside Casual is made of an amazing product! Green technology and superior quality make all of the Seaside Casual products successfully survive even in the harshest of climates. With over a dozen colors to choose from, and a familiar Adirondack style, this swing is superbly functional and supremely fun.

  • AB-482.jpg

    Albany Cushion Love Seat from Mallin is a refined design, sleek and without frills, that successfully transitions between traditional and contemporary styling.  A high back and thick cushions are superbly comfortable. Albany Cushion Love Seat is pleasantly simple.

  • Andover_Cushion_510463

    Andover Crescent Loveseat from Woodard is an elegantly styled classic design featuring a familiar “X” pattern detail in the back and arms, rolled arms, and tapered legs. Seamlessly moving between traditional, transition, and eclectic contemporary, Andover is pleasing in scale, timeless in design, and above-average in comfort. A big plus: Sunbrella Rain fabrics are available for fully exposed areas if keeping cushion fill dry is a concern.

  • Briarwood_400004

    Briarwood Barrel Love Seat from Woodard reflects the classic iron mesh design that was the staple of outdoor furniture for much of the twentieth century. Featuring a floral pattern detail in the back, Briarwood has faithfully served both residential and contract markets for many years.

  • Briarwood_400019

    Briarwood High-Back Love Seat from Woodard is a familiar favorite which has endured through generations. Featuring the well-known daisy flower design and diamond patterned mesh, the Briarwood Collection is a classic.

  • Cayman_2EM473

    Cayman Isle Cushion Gliding Love Seat from Woodard is simple and unadorned and designed to fit into virtually any style decor. A straightforward cushion design continues the design mantra less is more. Basic, comfortable, and made by one of america’s oldest outdoor furniture manufacturers, the Cayman Isle Series of outdoor furniture is a great addition to the porch or patio.

  • 281050_str-300dpi

    Cayman Loveseat from Lloyd Flanders is designed to replicate the allure of woven water hyacinth but in a man-made material which is impervious to weather. Featuring large rolled back and arms, Cayman is curvy and sexy and will transport you to an island getaway.

  • 870098019HA60

    Chatham Settee from Kingsley Bate is open and airy and reminiscent of the wicker of days gone by. Featuring a braided detail on the arms and back and a knotted  weave mid-arm , Chatham, in white, is classic porch wicker that brings back memories of lazy summer days relaxing on the front porch.


  • 1194057947CO55

    Chelsea Settee from Kingsley Bate is solid, comfortable, and will last for decades. A straightforward design featuring a slightly rolled back, makes Chelsea a transitional style which works in traditional, contemporary, or anything in between.

  • Tropitone_corsica_Crescent_Love_Seat.jpg

    Corsica Crescent Love Seat from Tropitone is a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary into one style that fits into both categories. An elongated oval pattern provides the back detail while arching supports lead to a gently sloping arm which is finished in a cast aluminum detail at the end. Though it may be hard to categorize Corsica, one thing is beyond dispute–Corsica’s over-the-top comfort, unmatched quality, and ability to survive in the harshest of climates.

  • Cortland_Cushion_4Z0419

    Cortland Love Seat from Woodard is a relaxed blend of simplicity and superb comfort made for those who take outdoor living seriously. Thick cushions and a high back are the ultimate in comfort and, once seated, you will not want to leave.  Select Sunbrella Rain for cushions which will be fully exposed to rain in order to keep cushion fill dry.

  • 113 Curved Adirondack Loveseat-1

    Curved Adirondack Loveseat from Carolina Casual is comfortable, amazingly durable, and available in a rainbow of fun colors. For those looking for outstanding quality, durability, and low maintenance, look no further. The addage, “Buy it once” applies to this lineup of products from Carolina Casual. After you have made your decision, you can sit back and relax for years and years to come.