recycled plastic lounge chair

  • 289-mad_fusion_chat_chair.340

    MAD Fusion Chat Chair from Seaside Casual is made of an amazing product! Green technology and superior quality make all of the Seaside Casual products successfully survive even in the harshest of climates. With so may colors to choose from and the ability to mix two colors (one for frame and one for slats), MAD Fusion Chat Chair offers a fun canvas on which to make your personal imprint on your outdoor living room.

  • seasidecasual_Nantucket_LoungeChair_02091.jpg

    Nantucket Lounge Chair from Seaside Casual looks like wood but never need painting, staining, or sanding. This amazing Envirowood product takes everything Mother Nature can give with as little interaction from you as possible. Perfect for the beach or in a mountain setting where lesser quality materials quickly degrade and require replacing. Not so with Seaside Casual products; they weather year after year with little visual effect.