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It’s Spring! Or is it?

The calendar tells us that it is spring. And not just spring but one month into spring. So, why do I keep thinking that spring is right around the corner and that this is really just the third month of the year? The trees have leafed out; the dogwoods, daffodils, and tulips are long past [Continue Reading]

Going Green

Just because you enjoy outdoor living doesn’t necessarily mean that you are interested in going green in your habits. However, I would bet that a good many outdoor living enthusiasts do have concerns about the environment and the future of our planet. I would also make a wager that a substantial number of people who [Continue Reading]

Fun and Outdoor Games

Everyone loves to play games when they get together. Whether it is cards, a boxed game, a cerebral game, or a sporting game, games are a way to allow a group of people to interact with each other in an activity that includes everyone and focuses on something other than conversation. So often, when at [Continue Reading]

Swimming into Summer

What’s a pool other than a big hole in the ground filled with water? With such a basic starting point, one may wonder why so many pools look so much alike. At least I do. There are so many options and customizations that can be included to make your pool unique, why let an ordinary [Continue Reading]

Outdoorlicious! Color Schemes

There is something about the colors purple and green together that makes my heart sing! Purple is a warm color that is regal and vibrant while green is cool, soothing, and relaxing. Together, they harmonize perfectly. Each is a secondary color, made by combining two primary colors. Green is made by mixing yellow and blue. [Continue Reading]

The last home in my series on the gardens featured on Columbia Green’s 2012 Festival of Gardens tour, the home of Anita and Ralph Turnage, was built in 1959.  The original owner was a master gardener who created the garden beds that flow around the house from one area to another. Many of the original [Continue Reading]

The third week in my series on the Columbia Green Festival of Gardens tour is the home of Robert and Lita DaSilva.  Unlike the previous two gardens, this one is located in an older neighborhood where large trees and established shrubbery are firmly rooted. Approaching the house from the driveway, one notices the inviting front [Continue Reading]

It’s week two of the gardens featured in Columbia Green’s 2012 Festival of Gardens.  The garden of Mamie and Neal Atkinson, located in The Preserve, is unbelievably mature for such a young garden.  This garden looks as though it has been nurtured far longer than the 4 ½ years that this couple has been in residence. The Atkinson’s [Continue Reading]


Now that the holidays are over, the decorations have been packed away, and the winter landscape is looking a bit bleak, how can you make your outdoor living area more appealing for the next couple of months?  Freshen up those pots—that’s how. What?  You don’t have any pots?  Then head to your nearest garden center [Continue Reading]

From an historical perspective, the home of Ethel Trapp is definitely the most interesting home included in Columbia Green’s 2011 Festival of Gardens. The Trapp home is the former home of South Carolina’s 104th state governor, Governor James F. Byrnes. This is such a great opportunity to explore the home of one of South Carolina’s [Continue Reading]