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Lloyd Flanders Yearly Sale

It’s that time again–our annual Lloyd Flanders Factory-Authorized Sale has begun! America’s wicker, as Lloyd Flanders has come to be known (all of their loomed products are made in the USA), is constructed of the best quality raw materials and finishes, coupled with the pride of design and craftsmanship that American products are known for, [Continue Reading]

Hot Seats

You know its outdoor living season when you find an article in the newspaper about outdoor furniture.  Sunday’s New York Times Magazine section had this two page spread on what they cleverly called “The Hot Seat.” Scanning the years from 1889 to 2013, the timeline of great looking outdoor chairs and chaise lounges features some [Continue Reading]

Shopping For Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living is a big trend and it seems that outdoor furniture can be found nearly everywhere you shop.  But, really, selling outdoor furniture is a specialty and encompasses a great deal more than simply labeling something as “outdoor.” I have often heard people describe the process of shopping for outdoor furniture as difficult. But, [Continue Reading]

I Love Chicago!

I love Chicago and all it has to offer!  Great food! Fabulous shopping!  Beautiful architecture!  Professional Theatre!  Storied history!  And, I have a personal connection to the Windy City through family members. I especially love Chicago in September.  Always a step closer to autumn in temperature than we are in Columbia, I look forward to [Continue Reading]

There’s so much fabulous looking outdoor furniture on the market today.  It’s amazing how versatile the selection is when choosing furniture for your patio, porch, or deck. There’s furniture made of metal and recycled plastic that look like wood. Man-made table tops that look like stone. Resin weave  that looks like cane. Resin and loomed [Continue Reading]

Outdoor Wicker

As Lloyd Flanders celebrates a quarter century of producing man-made wicker furniture, it is the perfect time to acknowledge the tremendous advancement they have made in the outdoor furniture industry.  While Lloyd Flanders has been producing wicker furniture for over one hundred years, it was the invention of a manufacturing process which allowed for outdoor [Continue Reading]

Made in America

Made in America.  These three little words have recently become a very big factor in consumer’s buying decisions. In the wake of a devastating recession, slow recovery, and double digit unemployment, many Americans are looking carefully at labels to see if the products they want to purchase are made in America. “There’s not much left [Continue Reading]