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Lloyd Flanders Yearly Sale

It’s that time again–our annual Lloyd Flanders Factory-Authorized Sale has begun! America’s wicker, as Lloyd Flanders has come to be known (all of their loomed products are made in the USA), is constructed of the best quality raw materials and finishes, coupled with the pride of design and craftsmanship that American products are known for, [Continue Reading]

Once again, September brings the International Casual Furniture Market to the Windy City and those of us in the outdoor furniture industry together for another market. A newly renovated Merchandise Mart, begun last year, jolted long-timers out of the same-old routine and offered some interesting adaptations of this venerable old space to twenty-first century use.  [Continue Reading]

Children’s Outdoor Furniture

  Kids are people, too. Often, we forget about the little people that live in our homes, expecting them to use everything that is designed for grownups. While we don’t often hear kids complaining about this, it doesn’t mean that we may not be causing grievous injury to their sense of belonging. And, while we [Continue Reading]

Fashion Design Goes Outside

Not content with limiting themselves to designing couture and ready-to-wear clothing, fashion designers are adding outdoor furniture to their ever-growing list of accomplishments. The outdoor lifestyle has grown into more than a trend and has become a facet of our homes that we are neither willing to forego nor leave behind should our place of [Continue Reading]

Time spent relaxing outside should evoke thoughts of laziness and, having spent those lazy hours doing little more than nothing, one should experience a feeling of happiness. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the name Pigro Felice was chosen as the name for a line of pool furniture. In Italian, pigro felice means lazy and [Continue Reading]

The Chat Group

What, exactly is a chat group? How is it different from a seating group? The term “seating group” and “dining group” have historically been used to distinguish between two types of outdoor furniture arrangements each of which serve different functions: conversational seating and dining. So, where does the chat group fit in? A chat group [Continue Reading]

  Let’s talk coffee—or, at least, coffee tables. Outdoor coffee table, to be specific. Yes or no? While most people wouldn’t think of placing a sofa inside their home without adding a coffee table in front of it, many people opt not to include one in the outside patio furniture grouping. It something I find [Continue Reading]

Outdoor Furniture, Naturally

Recycle…Organic…Natural…Buzzwords of the twenty-first century. While we aren’t ready to give up on man-made materials or using science and technology to create products we use, the ability to reuse something existing and to use things of the earth feeds our twenty-first century desire to be gentle to the earth. Well aware that this delicate planet [Continue Reading]

City Chic: Rooftop Rooms

  I am intrigued by outdoor living in the city. Life among the hard concrete, tall buildings, and throngs of people isn’t for everyone but even for those who do consider themselves “city” people, the need to escape the noise and congestion and find a way to truly be alone outside presents a mystery unless [Continue Reading]

Living the good life in Italy…quaint farm houses, rolling terrain dotted with vineyards, bright sunny days, deliciously fresh and simple food, lazy afternoons on the patio. Who doesn’t dream of such a life? While a trip to Italy’s Tuscany region is one of the most popular destinations American’s choose when vacationing out of this country, [Continue Reading]