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What, exactly is a chat group? How is it different from a seating group? The term “seating group” and “dining group” have historically been used to distinguish between two types of outdoor furniture arrangements each of which serve different functions: conversational seating and dining. So, where does the chat group fit in?

outdoor living,outdoor furniture,patio furniture,leisure living,casual living,chat group
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A chat group would certainly be included in the broader term seating group, but focuses a little more on the type of furniture contained within the group. A chat group differs from the seating group as having four or more chairs placed around a central table or fire pit in contrast to a group which includes the more traditional sofa, love seat, chairs, and occasional tables.

outdoor furniture,patio furniture,leisure furniture,leisure living,casual living,chat group
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A group of chairs surrounding a central feature (a table or fire source, for instance) places everyone in a cozy arrangement, equidistant from food, fire and each other. Encouraging conversation, the chat group, with a coffee or taller conversation table, is more casual than a dining set but still can be used for snacking and light meals.

outdoor furniture,patio furniture,casual furniture,leisure furniture,leisure living,casual living,chat group,adirondack chairs

With a fire pit, the chat group exists for people to have fun, enjoy camaraderie, and let their hair down.

chat group,outdoor furniture,patio furniture,casual living,leisure living,casual furniture,leisure furniture,outdoor living
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The chat group is all about people, conversing, and sharing stories. If you already have a more traditional seating group, try to find a spot where you can create a chat group for less formal, and more intimate, gatherings. You may find that this new group becomes your favorite outdoor spot.

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  • Peninsula Mobile Screens
    by Peninsula Mobile Screens

    Hi Dottie- Love your website. I agree that it's important to have comfortable seating areas that blur the line between indoors and out. I've been to plenty of get-togethers where appropriate seating is a complete afterthought. Our company installs screen panels in outdoor areas that would otherwise be completely open to insects. We think it offers people the best of both worlds. You can even stay out in rainy weather. Our customers particularly like having a true outdoor seating arrangement right next to an indoor-outdoor room, usually off a kitchen. We find that it's the indoor/outdoor locations that become the destinations for long chats, possibly because they're halfway points where people naturally congregate.

  • Dottie Reynolds
    by Dottie Reynolds

    Thanks for reading! Your screens sound like a great solution to the bug issue many people face outside in the summer.

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